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Welcome to Namaha Yoga School’s Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga training. This is an 85 hour certificate course registered with Yoga Alliance. It is required that you are a 200 hour yoga teacher that has completed your training in order to participate and graduate from the program. Through this training, you will learn skills and information that will allow you to confidently and safely lead prenatal and postnatal classes, as well as know what to modify when a pregnant student shows up to your public class. Part one of the training will cover the Prenatal aspect of the training and take place from November 3-6 with approximately 8 hours per day. Part 2 will be held on the dates of December 1-4 and consists of the Postnatal training including Mom and Baby Yoga and an introduction into Baby Massage. Each day will consist of Asana practice as well as lectures and practice time. The training will be held at Spiti Yoga studio, in the center of Athens, Greece.

The training has been developed by Jonni-Lyn Friel, a RYT 500 hour, RPYT (prenatal) and Pilates teacher. She has developed the course with the help of a doula, a baby massage teacher, a Pilates teacher and a Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher in order to have the highest quality of information and experience available. The training will take place over two long weekends, consisting of four days each. During the month long break between trainings, there is written homework and assignments to be completed and evaluated before graduation. On the meantime, a manual will be provided in English. Besides that, there are required books for reading that are not included with the course. These books as well as the whole training are in English and some of the assignments will be based on the reading of the books. This training is a wonderful way for you to become qualified to teach another population and classes that are much needed here in Greece. Leading them through pregnancy and then postnatal time, you will develop a strong student base and have the gift of helping and teaching women through this powerful time in their lives.

Useful information:
* Investment: 695 euros (VAT not included). A 20% of the above price should be deposited along with place reservation. Only 50% of the deposit will be refundable before October 1st In case a cancellation occurs after Oct. 1st, the deposit is not refundable. Teachers from previous TCCs with Jonni-Lyn are eligible for a discount of 15% of the total sum.
* There is one scholarship available for single mothers. Please contact us for how to apply for the scholarship and the guidelines. Only one scholarship will be given and it will be based on specific criteria.
* Yoga teachers who wish to participate in the training must send a scanned copy of their 200h Yoga Certificate.

More info on each one of the three training categories:
The time in a woman's life during pregnancy and postnatal is a precious, wonderful and challenging time. For almost two years or more, a woman's body is growing and experiencing incredible changes. This occurs during both pregnancy and after the baby has been born. Body, mind and spirit are all taken through a new experience. It can be a joyous and also challenging time for women, learning how to cope with the changes in their bodies and their lives. Yoga helps meet these changes and in a useful and compassionate way.

In a pregnant body, the challenge is to develop strength and focus while caring for every changing body and baby inside. The challenge of a pose is that it is asking the woman to be able to hold a pose, while still being mindful of the added flexibility the hormone Relaxin has on the body. This is not a time to grow your practice, but rather to become in tune with the changes and build stability and strength; qualities that are needed during labor and postpartum.

In a postnatal, the focus has changed. Now the mother has a different body from a pregnant body, with different needs, including a new and helpless human being that is dependent on her for everything. She has become a new person with a new body and new responsibilities that can be, at times, overwhelming. The postnatal section of the course teaches mothers how to slowly and mindfully begin to rebuild their strength from the core of the body outwards.

Mum and Baby classes have the benefit of creating a much needed community for the new mums and their babies. The mother can begin to slowly care for her body, meet other mums, and finally, the baby is also included in the class with gentle baby yoga, massage and songs.
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