500 hour Yoga Teacher Training

This is an advanced training for the 200 hour certified Yoga teacher. The training is commonly called a “500 hour” training, as it adds the 200 hours required for your first certificate to the 300 hours required for the advanced section of the training to combine for the 500 hour advanced training certificate.

A 200 hour training is a good way to get the fundamentals and start having the skills to teach different yoga classes. After some experience in teaching, many teachers wish to go on and deepen their knowledge, both for personal study and for a greater reach in teaching skills. It is recommended that you have at least one (1) year of teaching experience before undertaking the advanced training, for your own benefit. With some experience already in your skill set, you will have the ability to go deeper into the lessons and practices than a new teacher.

The advanced training is suitable for those teachers who wish to learn more about deepening their own practice as well as refining their teaching skills and discovering a specialisation. In this world of yoga now, there are many, many teachers out there. In order to clarify your teaching it is useful to be able to find your niche and specialisation. This helps in deepening your knowledge in one particular area, but also helps the students who you may best serve, find you.

Some of the subjects covered in a more in depth manner in an advanced training are the Art of observing and assisting, refining your teaching skills, teaching techniques for breathing, relaxation and meditation, Sanskrit, Prayers and Chants, pranayama and subtle body anatomy, the art of sequencing, therapeutic approach to asana and sequencing, the business of Yoga, self care as a teacher, yoga for common structural complaints and therapeutic teaching skills. A deeper study of the different branches and schools of Yoga philosophy will be studied in a more in depth manner. These schools include Advaita Vedanta, Tantra and Buddhism, along with the sacred texts that are within each school. This is an opportunity to become a student again and deepen both your practice and your teaching skills.

The next 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training will be offered in a two-week or in a full month intensive option in July, 2018 in Kineta, Greece.

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