Shine your Yoga is the lovechild of Jonni-Lyn Friel. It was created to encourage all of us to find our inner light. You are all bright shining stars. You have within you everything that you need. Everything you need to be happy, to be free and to be loved . We just forget. Yoga is the process of remembering. It is the process of removing the veil, the illusion of Maya, that keeps us bound to our idea of who we are.This manifesto was created as an offering for you. So that when you need reminding of how amazing you are, of how amazing life is, you can be reminded .It is a gathering of some of my favorite sayings, concepts, and ideas from my Teachers.

People I have been blessed to study with and learn from. So I pass on their knowledge to you. Print it out, hang it up, share it with your friends or just remember to read it, every once in awhile. Please click the image to download your own beautiful PDF copy to keep absolutely free! Share it with your closest friends, your loved ones, pin it, post it, whatever resonates. And remember to Shine.

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